About Global Antenna Services

The company was founded in 1986 as Bobs Satellite Antenna Specialist a residential satellite sales and service company after the owner had to repair a system he had bought from a retailer that went out of business.

The company expanded in 1986 with the purchase of a new company building, training courses offered by the SBCA and plenty of field experience. With the experience acquired in residential and a sound company reputation, commercial customers started to call for assistance with their company's communication needs.

With calls to install antennas in sites that other companies didn't want to try, the company found a way to do the work no one else wanted. Cycle sat requested a repair in Chicago that lead to three years of broadcast installations for the them. With 4.5, 5 meter and 1 meter antennas, controllers, and VTR interfaces for television stations all over the USA. This lead to more experience than most companies have in antenna installations.

Another call from the antenna manufacture lead to the rewriting of the installation manuals by the companies owner, and the testing of the new product line at such test sites as TSA and Vertex. The company hasn't sold any retail product for over 10 years, with quality labor and sense of the right way to do things the company has experienced excellent growth over the last few years.

Global Antenna Services now does work for over (5) five national distributors in the broadcast market and direct for television stations by referral. Future growth looks good. Installation work being done the right way just comes naturally with long term commitments to the broadcast industry.

2004 has been one great year with several projects completed for SES Americom. The installation of Ka-band monitoring stations all over the United States, including Alaska. The systems included two 1.2 meter Patriot antennas, Monics configured Dell computer and rack mounted monitor/keyboard. A Rhoads & Swartz Spectrum Analyzer along with other equipment. These locations monitor the new KA space craft operation.

Bob has spent the last two years building 12 meter Radio Telescopes for Cobham Land Systems (Patriot Antenna Systems). These antennas are in remote areas around the world. It has been a honor to be part of these projects. I have gained new knowledge in the use of Photogrammetry, and servo control systems. This will bring a new level of expertise to our customer base.

Owners note: After 25 years in this business I want to thank everyone we have completed projects for, this job has allowed me to do a job I truly enjoy doing. I have felt pride in every project and know we will continue to be able to show new and old customers that quality work is what people still look for.

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Quick Facts

  • Founded in 1986
  • Thousands of hours of field experience
  • SBCA trained professionals
  • More experience than most installation companies.